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     A  Child                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


     A Child

A child is sweet, loving, and kind.
They shine with an inner glow
To brighten the lives of all so near
Is a chore they do just so. 

If you win their love, itís yours for keeps,
And theyíll never let it go.
A child is the closest thing to God
That weíll find down here below. 

They donít ask for very much--
Just candy,  pie,  or cake;
A drink of water which they canít reach,
Someone to play with,  someone to teach. 

We grown up folks, quite different are.
Ill winds have blown our way,
Changing those childhood smiles
That we had yesterday. 

A child is full
Of a spiritual life,
And the love of God
Shines through. 

So letís be careful while on earth we dwell,
In our love for material things.
Theyíll never light up the human soul
Or cause the birds to sing. 

Letís get Godís love
With a spiritual glow,
And light up
This world below. 

Showing this world quite a bit of God,
And the things that we must do
If we like children are,
That inner glow will shine too. 

                           Orie Seiber
September 1, ?1961?

  A Child's Christmas                                                                                                                                                                                              Return to Top


         [A Childís Christmas] 

There is a happy season
not so far away
When we will peep out the window
to see Santa and the sleigh. 

Oh, you think heís not so modern
as other men of today.
You think heíll keep on traveling
in his old time fashioned way. 

Do you think heíll slide down the chimney
with his jolly, Ho! Ho! Ho!
And leave his tired poor reindeer
to wait out in the snow? 

I think not my children;
he has learned a faster way.
But your toys will be Ďround the tree
before itís Christmas Day! 

                            Orie Seiber
                            November 20, 1965


   A Little Cloud                                                                                                                                                                                              Return to Top 


        [A Little Cloud] 

Today I should be happy!
My birthdayís almost here!
I have had a home, husband, children
And many friends I love dear. 

But I just canít feel as happy
As a few yearís back have gone,
Because many of my loved ones
Have sadness in their home. 

One of our family has been hurt
And to the hospital has gone.
Within the next two weeks
Another will not be home. 

He will board a plane and fly away.
And to Germany he will go.
This one is my grandson
Iíll have you all to know. 

This is just a little cloud flying in our sky--
Sadness cannot stay too long.
If you keep a prayer in your heart
God will bring them safely home. 

                               Orie Seiber
August 9, 1985 

     *The grandson who was flying to Germany was Johnny Baxter. She loved him dearly, as she loved all of her 
         children, grandchildren,and great-grandchildren. I do not recall who went to the hospital at that time.


    A Prize to Win                                                                                                                                                                                                    Return to Top

          A Prize to Win

It is not always an upward climbó
Sometimes we feel so far behind
When our troubles almost make us stumble and fall,
Then on our Savior we call. 

He says, Lo, my child, I am with thee;
Pick up thy cross, and follow me.
For you are now near heavenís gate.
Inside, many friends and loved ones wait.

You have come too far to turn back now;
Come on, Iíll help you carry that gospel plow.
Too many people left outsideó
Too many souls unsatisfiedó
Donít you know for all Jesus died,
To prepare this home on the other side?

If we stop before we reach the finish line,
We do not gain the prize.
When we are reaching for the skiesó
A home in heaven not made with hand,
To be with people who love and understand,
To drink at Godís fountain without an end,
Ever rejoicing with Jesus our friend.

Orie Seiber


   Be a Friend                                                                                                                                                                                                        Return to Top


                                [Be a Friend] 

My friend, Do you love Jesus most of all? 

Are you listening when he calls? 

If he asks you a friend to be,
Another personís troubles here to see,
Do we with folded hands say, No!
To Godís creatures here below? 

When you see the souls of men
Pleading there to enter in,
And you hear Jesus
say, It is too late; 

Then we have closed Godís gate to men
Because we failed to be his friend.

Orie Seiber


 Four Boys                                                                                                                                                                                                           Return to Top

Four Boys

As I went out a walking,
There amid the trees,
I chanced to see four little boys
Playing cheerfully.

One, growing thin and tall
With eyes so very blue,
Two with brown eyes--
One, with eyes not yet true.

Each were so happy
In their world of play,
Looking for tomorrow,
Learning the proper things to say.

We must be so careful
In every thing we do.
Little ones from us are learning.
May our lives be proper too.

                      Orie Seiber

*The four boys, no doubt, were four grandsons she dearly loved and often helped to care for: Freddy, Timmy, David, and Joe Seiber.


  God's Garden                                                                                                                            Return to Top 


[Godís Garden]

There is a crystal river;
It flows not far away.
Itís pure and sweet and gentle
In every sort of way.

I go there when I am troubled
To watch the stream flow by.
I view all the wondrous beauty,
And I feel that God is ever nigh.

As the wind is slightly blowing,
And the treetops seem to sway,
Then I get that glorious feeling,
I have walked with God today.

This sweet peaceóit cannot last.
This joy I cannot share.
For in a little while Iíll walk
In that beautiful garden up there.

Orie Seiber


  God's Presence                                                                                                         Return to Top  

God's Presence

Did you see Jesus today
As He was passing by?
Did you hear Him in the windís quiet rush
As it went away on high?

Did you see Him in the childrenís smile,
Or feel Him with a neighborís touch?
Do you value Godís gifts to men
As the greatest gifts on earth?

Or does this world captivate your heart
With its lust for money and power?
Would you accept the wealth of men
And leave God out of you life for one little hour?

He might go away and never return.
 Sad will be your fate
When you stand

Before that gate.

Orie Seiber


  Heart's Wish                                                                                                                        Return to Top 

      Heartís Wish 

If  I could look into eternityís span
And see what lies out there,
I am sure it would help me here to forget
Earthís toils, troubles, and cares. 

For the Lamb up there with His love so dear
Is a wonderful friend to me.
He sees when Iím sad, weary, and blue,
And He whispers, I care for you. 

Lifeís road is long, narrow, and straight;
But there are thorns all the way through.
Help me, Jesus, while here I try
To some day come smiling through. 

Make me brave, courageous, and strong
While here among sinners I dwell,
To keep Godís love shinning bright in my heart
That others may seek it as well. 

                                        Orie Seiber


  His Message                                                                                                                                  Return to Top  

        His Message

Happy day when Jesus came
And filled me with His love.
He gave to me a message;
It was a power house from above. 

Go spread my gospel here;
Let others learn of me.
There is just one way to heaven,
And Jesus holds the key. 

No other Lord or Master,
No other one will do.
Donít stand around in darkness
When Jesusí light could be shining through. 

The day is almost over,
And night will come too soon.
Have you accepted Jesus,
The one who died for you?

                             Orie Seiber


  Inspiration                                                                                                                       Return to Top 


What is inspiration?
It is a little bit of God
A little nudge of the Spirit
That works so much inside. 

It opens many windows
And it leaves a light inside.
No one can ever rule it out
For it was ignited by God. 

                         Orie Seiber


  Just Obey                                                                                                                        Return to Top


 [Just Obey] 

Adam had his chance
A powerful man to be.
Just obedience was all God asked
Of this man, to be free. 

Adam was the stronger,
Made in Godís image, donít you see?
Eve, a little weaker,
With the serpent, tempted he. 

Then man became a sinner
For all the world to see.
Now he must work and toil and slave,
And, oh, so needlessly. 

For had he just obeyed Godís command,
In the garden he still would be,
Enjoying fruit from all those trees
And not a sinner be! 

                                                                                                                                Orie Seiber


  Live for the Savior                                                                                                                        Return to Top 


           [Live for the Savior] 

The poorest here may be great up there
If they live for our Savior here. 

He knows if your means to do with are low;
He sees the slightest touch or blow. 

Let us help others, here so to live
That a home in heaven, He may give. 

                                     Orie Seiber
May 24, 1963

  Look Into the Bible                                                                                                                 Return to Top 


                      Look Into the Bible

I donít want to look into a mirror, myself to see;
I prefer to look into the Bible, and see the one who is better than me.
For if He be my guide and will walk by my side,
I will have nothing to hide nor nothing to fear
With the One leading me who is precious and dear. 

Rough may be my way
When sorrows make it hard to pray.
Then Jesus whispers to say,
Child, Iíll send a better day. 

Donít give up; donít stumble; donít fall
When you have One so strong to lean upon.
I will lift you up; I will see you through;
I will give you strength, and I will love you too. 

I wonít need to look in a mirror at all
If I look in the Bible enough,
For it is through the words of Jesus
That any find strength for our lives.

                                            Orie Seiber


  My Deeds                                                                                                                                   Return to Top 


 My Deeds

You cannot see the inner me;
You only see outside.
But if youíll wait around awhile,
You will get a glimpse inside. 

The little things I do and say,
They are so much of me.
If I help to brighten up your life,
That shows the inner me. 

If I am hateful, rude and unkind,
That too reveals my worth.
You have no way of seeing inside,
Just the deeds I do on earth. 

                                      Orie Seiber

  Remember Him!                                                                                                                              Return to Top  


 Remember Him!

Lift up your hands and praise the Lord!
He has been good to you!
He knows when you are happy,
And he knows if you are troubled too. 

He has never lost a battle!
In his Word He says,
I care for you. 

How much more can you be promised
By One who is so loving, kind, and true!
One who will never,
Never leave you! 

In your heart He will abide,
And if you will let Him,
He will lead you until
You are safe on the other side. 

Joining all the ransomíd ones,
Walking on the streets of gold,
Shouting, singing praise for ever,
We have reached our eternal goal!

                             Orie Seiber


  Take Control, Lord                                                                                                                                                Return to Top  


[Take Control, Lord] 

If my prayers would be to my own hurt,
Sift them out, Lord, for me.
You are so Great, I am so small
When it comes to knowing the unknown.

We think we know;
We understand;
Still we are human
Without your plan.

The world!
It tosses us like on a rolling sea.
Sometimes there is no help, Lord,
Except from Thee.

Help us be strong,
Brave, and true
In spite of the world
And what others do.

We love You; we want You
To reign in our hearts,
And when through here,
From You, not to depart.

Take us up Lord;
Give us a crown,
A new robe of righteousness

The world canít tear down

                Orie Seiber


  The Eternal Light                                                                                                                        Return to Top  


  [The Eternal Light] 

Light up a Christmas tree,
Which candles cannot glow.
Let it shine forever
Deep within a soul. 

May its brightness never cease
To light up the hearts of men.
May it shine and shine and shine
Until Christmas comes again. 

Spread a little glitter;
Let joy be its light.
Give a little hope
To take away the night. 

Let that star keep on a shining
Until Jesus comes back again,
And with Him weíll share a Christmas
In that never-ending inn. 

                                   Orie Seiber


  The Power of Love                                                                                                           Return to Top  


The Power of Love 

The old devil, he donít have long to work.
This is one thing he surely knows.
He for sure will place his power house
Right here under every oneís nose.

He donít want you to love your neighbor;
Thatís just not his cup of tea.
He will send you wicked, evil thoughts,
He plans for the whole world to see.

Because if you lose your love with Jesus,
How can your life a blessing be?
While you are tossing, struggling, fighting,
The devil is winning the victory.

If you are a child of the King,
You have a power within your soul.
Keep that love light shining bright
So all the world may know.

                                               Orie Seiber


  True Value                                                                                                                                  Return to Top 


True Value 

My storehouse seems to empty be,
Of material things that you can see.
You may think, Woe is she,
But if youíre happy, not poor you be.

There are things in life
Money canít buy.
Things of great value--
Iíll tell you why.

A home thatís happy
With children gay,
Laughing and playing
As they go on their way.

In making them happy,
I feel my worth.
What greater pleasure
Could one have on earth?

When I am old
And my days seem long,
My children will come
And fill my heart with song.

                          Orie Seiber
September 1, 1961


  Unseen Wealth                                                                                                                             Return to Top 


  [Unseen Wealth] 

Once there was a poor man,
As poor as he could be.
He walked a country mile
A sincere friend to be.

His neighbor, sick and faint of breath,
And Ďmost as poor as he
Was waiting for his final call
His Savior soon to see.

Soon he would get his great reward,
Not judged by money wise.
Money cannot save a soul
Nor buy a home on high.

                          Orie Seiber


  Wait Upon the Lord                                                                                                                     Return to Top


[Wait Upon the Lord] 

We have sorrow on our way
And dark may seem the day.
Satan oft would make us stray
From our goal.

If we fall upon our knees,
Jesus hears our every plea
And will open heavenís door
When we pray.

Though the path down here is straight,
Satan tries to bar the gate
For each soul who will not wait
Upon the Lord.

Heaven is a great reward
Given only by our Lord.
Itís worth every cross down here
We have to bear.

                           Orie Seiber