...choose you this day whom ye will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Families    (Click link below to view family photos.)

Fred & Leora (Johnson) Seiber
   Fred & Leora 1939-1947
   Fred & Leora 1948-1954
   Fred & Leora 1955-1960
   Fred & Leora 1961-1993  

Bob & Eleanor (Seiber) Bailey
  Mike & Kim (Bailey) Smith
     Zane & Morgan Smith
  Bob & Sheila (Warrix) Bailey 
      Bobby & Ruth (Sanney) Bailey 
      Steve & Celese (Dunn) Bailey 
      Andrew & Joanna (Rightmyer) Bailey 
  Gregg & Elanda (Bailey) Mason  
      Jacob & Tiffany (Mason) Kelly
      Chris & Emily (Mason) Schuler
      Matt & Katie (Mason) Jellicorse
John & Delores (Seiber) Baxter 
  John & Mary Lou (Haughton) Baxter 
    Jeb & Avril (Rameriz) Baxter 

Tony & Patti (Null) Seiber
 Fred & Susan (Cureton) Seiber

   Sinjin & Caroline (Smith) Seiber
   Matt & Savvy (Seiber) Parker
   Rubin & Sidney (Seiber) Han 
 Tim & Becky (Smith) Seiber
   Austin & Alena (Petty) Seiber  
 David & Kaye (Cantrell) Seiber
   Davey & Shanda(Waffle) Seiber
 Joe & Rachelle (Page) Seiber  
 Randy & Julie (Jarrett) Seiber

Seiber Family 1900-1980  
Charlie & Dovie Johnson
Other Family & Friends

Jeanette McCarter Hughes

Family History:
Philip & Catharina & Mary Seiber
Samuel & Isabella & Elizabeth Seiber
Benjamin & Mary Ann Seiber
Charles & Lydia Seiber 
Ancestor Reports: Fred & Leora Seiber
Seiber Paternal Line
Fort Seybert

Charles & Rebecca Lones
Lones to Seiber Line
James & Harriet Cox   

Poems by Leora Seiber
Poems from Mamaw Seiber
Poems &Things by Delores Baxter
Poems by Thelma Eleam
Quotable Quotes
The Saga of Samuel Seiber  

Sermon Titanic  by Tony Seiber

Link to Published Sermons by Tony Seiber
Sermons by Vernon (Freddy) Thwaites


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Sunday October 01, 2023

 Welcome to Family Ties... 

This website is a pictograph of  the Fred and Leora Seiber families and extended families. Although we have, in recent years, become somewhat spread out and separated by geographical distances, we have remained devoted, constant, and close in thought and in heart, faithfully upholding one another in prayer and seeking Godís best for one another. The Lord has blessed most of us to be a family of individuals who fear, trust, and love Him; and I praise Him for it!   

In Loving Memory

Thelma Hubbard Eleam

(May 24, 1929-September 27, 2023)

Our thoughts, prayers, condolences, and love to Mary Ann, Diane, Jackie, and familes.

Our dear, lifelong, family friend Thelma Eleam went to be with the Lord on Wednesday of last week at the age of 94. She died peacefully in her sleep surrounded by her loving family. Thelma was many things to many people during her long life. In addition to being a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great grandmother, Thelma was a friend to all who knew her,  and she was most especially a loyal friend, trusted confidant, and active mentor to me personally from my earliest childhood.  Over the years, Thelma worked as a realtor and as a substitute teacher and served for years as a Sunday school teacher. She loved to read books and to write poetry. In 1985, she compiled some of her poems into a little book entitled O God.  One of those poems comes to mind as I think of Thelma progressing through life to where she is today in the presence of her Savior.


Awake - O mind, and meditate
As you sit at Jesus' feet.
Awake, O heart and feel the sting
When you, the Incarnate meet.
Awake, O soul and start to grow
As you meet the Giver of Life;
Ah, spirit, awake and take your place
Near Jesus the Crucified.
                                          Thelma Eleam

*Link to Thelma's book of poems:   Poems by Thelma Eleam

October Birthdays - Rachelle/Joanna B (11), Tony (12), Joshy 15), Gabe (22),

 October Anniversaries - John & Mary Lou (23)

Psalm 33:12
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD: and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.


From Quotable Quotes

We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God. James Madison


Please Pray for...

One Another - Pray for the Lord's hedge of direction, protection, and blessing for every one us and for our faithfulness to Him.
Our Nation of People to get back to the God of the Bible, to agree with Him about what constitutes sin, and to take a stand against evil and for right.
Our People and Our Allies
in war zones.

Sermon by Tony Seiber
This is the transcript of a sermon which Tony delivered at Southside Baptist Church a few years ago. It is an excellent message, well worth the reading.

Link to Published Sermons by Tony Seiber

Poems by Leora Seiber
Faith and family are the prevalent themes in this  collection of poems written by Mamaw (Leora) Seiber (found and compiled after her death).

Poems by Thelma Eleam
Thelma wrote many poems over the years and finally, in 1985, she compiled several of them into this little book entitled O God.

Poems from Mamaw Seiber
These are three little poems which were quoted so often by Mamaw (Lydia) Seiber  that her daughter Inez, at 90, can still recite them.  The poems are well worth sharing with our kids today because the lessons they teach are as relevant  now as they were when Mamaw Seiber quoted them to her children a century ago.


Poems & Things by Delores Baxter
A collection of poems and articles written by Delores Baxter.

The Saga of Samuel Seiber
Evelyn Carter Foote, first-cousin of Fred Seiber,  wrote this informative, interesting, and exciting historical fiction based on the life of Samuel Seiber, her great-grandfather (and Fred's).

Sermons by Vernon (Freddy) Thwaites
The Dehumanization of Man, The Transfiguration, The Beatitudes, Feed My Sheep, Revival, The Body of Christ, The Center
of the Church, The Easter Story, The Second Coming


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