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Family History - Benjamin & Mary Ann (Lones) Seiber Family

Seiber Paternal Line   Fort Seybert    Charles & Lydia Seiber   Samuel & Elizabeth Seiber   Philip & Catharina Seiber       Charles & Rebecca Lones     Lones to Seiber Line (Cavett Sta Massacre)     James & Harriet Cox

Benjamin Franklin Seiber was born in Anderson County, Tennessee, on March 26, 1849, to Samuel Wesley Seiber and his second wife, Elizabeth Wilkins Chiles  Seiber. Benjamin was the last of fourteen children born to Samuel and the last of nine born to Elizabeth. Samuel's first wife, Isabella Frost Seiber, had been killed by lightening on October 2, 1832, less than two months after the birth of the eighth child born to her and Samuel. Two years after Isabella's death, Samuel married Elizabeth Wilkins Chiles, a widow (fifteen years his junior) who already had three children, creating a new combined family with eleven children. Over the next fifteen years, Sam'l and Elizabeth had six more children--the last of whom was Benjamin. By the time Ben was born in 1849, the only children remaining at home were the six born to Sam and Elizabeth, and Columbus, the child of Isabella who was an infant when she was killed. (Three of the older children had died and the rest had married by the time of the birth of Benjamin.)

On September 12, 1880, at the age of 31, Benjamin married Mary Ann Lones, a 29-year-old from Knox County. Over the next 16 years, the couple had 6 children: Charles Frederick (1881), Lenora (1883), Samuel Edward (1885), Elizabeth Rebecca (1888), Mary Pauline (1890), and Delia Kate (1896). In 1988, Mary Pauline's daughter, Evelyn Carter Foote, wrote a historical fiction, The Saga of Samuel Seiber, based upon known family information and on her recollection of stories related to her by her grandfather Benjamin.

Mary Ann Lones was the 5th child, but the 1st daughter, of Charlie and Rebecca Lones, and although she was only eleven years old in 1863 when her mother died, she shouldered the household responsibilities of an adult. She took charge of managing the house and overseeing the care of her four younger siblings whose ages ranged from 4 to 10. For the next 18 years, Mary Ann filled the shoes of mother and homemaker for her family. Finally, when her youngest sister was 19, Mary Ann married Benjamin Seiber and started a household of her own. At the time of her marriage, her dad deeded to her and Benjamin a parcel of land {as he also did for Jeffrey, James, and Samuel when they married. Youngest daughter Sally (Dowell) ultimately inherited the "mansion," all other buildings, and the bulk of the real estate. Although the will specified that all personal property was to be equally distributed, that, too, remained with Sallie in the mansion and other buildings.}

Mary Ann died in 1915 at the age of 64 and Benjamin in 1938 at the age of 89.

Below 1899: Pauline, Nora, Charles, Mary Ann, Katie, Benjamin, Ed, Lizzie Seiber      Below c.a.1927:  Katie, Lizzie, Pauline, Edward, Nora, Charles, Benjamin Seiber           


To Whom It May Concern:
State of Tennessee County of Knox 410 Ailor Ave BF Seiber I make this my Will an Testament
First I give my soul to God Who Gave it. Second my Funral expences is to Be Paid from the Proceeds of the house an lot I now own at 410 Ailor St
Second I give my Trunk and contents with all my papers to my Two Sons Charles an Ed Seiber.
Third I give my Household goods to my 4 girles Nora Lizie Mary an Kaity. I Dont want any extriy expence as I have Lived a plane Life all ways.
I Leave the Rest with all hoping to meet you all again in a better World. Be of good cheer.
Pend with my one hand. Signed (BF. Seiber)
Sept 20th 1934

Prayer is a Desire from our Hearts
take 5-10 minutes in prayer with Family Read the Bible
No lost soul ever was saved except some body pray
I pray that we may have a Great Revival
Jesus pray He praid to the Father to Forgive them for they know not what they do
I pray for a Revival Ever one pray at a certain time ever day


Benjamin Franklin Seiber

1850 Sub16, Anderson Co TN, R869, P38
SEIBER (Benjamin 1, living with parents)

1860 TN, Anderson Co, TN Robertsville P.O., R1239, Bk1, P37a
SEIBER (Benjamin 11, living with parents)

1870 Dist 8 Knox, TN, Roll 1541, P158-59
SEIBER (Seriber) (Benjamin 21 living with parents)

1880 Knox TN, Dist 12, P481a
SEIBER (Benjamin 29 living with widowed mother Eliazabeth)

***Married Mary Ann Lones September 12, 1880

1890 - Census not available

1900 12th District, Knox, TN, R1583, B1, P20
SEIBER Benjamin 56, Mary A 49, Charles F 18, Nora 16, Samuel E 14, Lizie R 12, Mary P 9, Delia K 4.
Owned farm free and clear. Charles & S E farm laborers. All children except Charles attended school 9 months. All born in Tennessee except Benjamin's dad. All can read and write except four-year-old Delia Kate. Neighbors: James Anderson, Samuel Lones, William Henry, Shephard Way, Louis Baker, John Porter, Joseph Shudan, William Gibbs, George Jones

1910 Knox Co TN Dist 8, Elliott Street, R1508, B3, P91a
SEIBER Benjamin F 60 TN Germany [should be MD] TN, Working for wages as a house carpenter; Mary 57 TN TN TN married 20 years [should be 30], 6 children-all living; Elizabeth 21; Mary P 19; Delia 14

****1915 Mary Ann died

1920 Knox Co Dist 8, Wd22, Elliott Street, R1750 B1 P179a
SEIVER Ben F, Laborer, Owns home, 71 Can RW; COMPTON Charles S (son-in-law), Sawyer at furniture factory, 34 TN SC TN, Can R W; Nora Compton 36, Can R W; Jessie M Compton (granddaughter) 7, In school; Simon P (grandson) 4 7/12; Mary A (granddaughter) 1 6/12; Elizabeth Seiver (sister) 80, Cannot R W; Malinda Seiver (sister) 70, Can R, Cannot W;

1930 Knox Co, Dist 8, WD 22 Knoxville, TN, R2259, ED, 54, P14a (101a)
SEIBER Benjamin F $1800 home on Ailor Ave, 81 TN MD TN, W; Nora Compton 46 (m at 24); Jessie M 17, waitress at drugstore; Paul (grandson) 15; Mary A 11; All read & write; All others TN TN TN
Neighbors: Cardwell, Samuel Mays, Ben Fortenberry, Aubrey Cardwell, Nell Breeden, Lee Jordan, Ray Dawson, James Simmon, Lewis Odum Note: Charles Compton in Knox County Poor Asylum

***Benjamin died April 11, 1938

Mary Ann Lones Seiber


1860 Knox County TN Dist 12 RE $20,000 Per $15,000; all school-aged children attended school
Charlie 45 farmer, Rebecca 38, Jacob 18, Jeramiah 16, Charles 13, Jeffrey 11, Mary 9, Elizabeth 7, James 5, Samuel 3, Sarah 1

***1863 Brother Jeremiah died in May; Mother died in August

1870 Knox County TN, Dist 12 RE $20,000 Per $2000;
Charles 54 farmer, Jacob 27, Charlie 22, Jeffry 20, Mary 18, Elizabeth 16, James 14, Samuel 13, Sarah 11

1880 Knox County TN, Dist. 12
Charles 69 farmer, Mary A 28 keeping house, James K 26, Lizi 21 has asthma, Samuel 20, Sally 18, Vick 9

***Mary Ann died May 12, 1915.