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Family History - Philip & Catharina Maria (Himmelberger) Seiber            Top
                          Philip & Mary (Lively) Seiber Family                                                                             Philip Seiber Will

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Philip Seiber Sr was born between 1760 and 1770 in Pennsylvania. Around 1785, he married Catharina Maria Himmelberger and began a family. The christening records of the Schwartzwald Reformed Church in Berks, Pennsylvania, show that their first three children {Wilhem (1786-1792), Elizabetha (1789), Samuel (1790)} were all christened on Dec 5, 1791, with Henry and Susanna Styees listed as Sponsors. Sometime before1792, the family moved to Baltimore, Maryland, and there Catharina gave birth to four more children--Frederick (1792) Philip Jr (1794) and twins Catharine and John (1798). Catharina Maria died sometime after 1798 and before 1802. Around 1800, Philip left Maryland and moved his family to Tennessee, where he married Mary Lively in Jefferson County, in 1802. Philip and his new bride Mary, along with Philip's young children, migrated westward to Poplar Creek (now called Frost Bottom) in Anderson County, Tennessee and settled there. Over the next six years, Philip and Mary added three more children the Seiber family--Nimrod (1803), Robert (March 26, 1804) and Joseph (1809). As indicated by various Anderson County records, Philip and his family were active members of their community.

Chronology/Census/Other Records

1781 Philip Seiber Cocalico, Lancaster County, PA Tax List

Philip & Catharina Maria (Himmelbarger) Sieber
****1786, Sept 20 Wilhelm Sieber born in Berks Co, PA (Records of Schwartzwald Reformed Church (Died 1792, Berks County, PA - Record SRC)
1789, July 20 Elisabetha Sieber born in Berks Co, PA (SRC)
1790, April 5, Samuel Sieber born in Berks County, PA (SRC - 12/5/1791)

1790 Census Bern, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Philip Seibert 1 male > 16, 3 males < 16, 2 females

***1791, Dec 5 Wilhelm, Elisabetha, Samuel Sieber christened at Schwartzwald Ref Ch, Berks Co, PA
1792, May 26, Johann Frederick Sieber born (Christened June 24 First Ref Ch of Baltimore)
1794, October 6, Philipp Sieber born (Christened First Ref Ch Baltimore)
1798, October 12, Catherine Margaret & Johannes born (Christened First Ref Ch Baltimore)
Sometime between October 1798 and January 1802, Catharina Maria died and the family migrated from Maryland to Tennessee.

1802, January 29 Philip Seiber married Mary Lively in Jefferson Co TN

1803, Nimrod born in Andersonville, TN
1803 Anderson Co TN Court Records, Official Project #165-44-6502, P.372 of Records: p.151: Wednesday 14 Dec 1803 "A deed from Elijah Frost to Jeseph Barron, for one hundred and fifty acres of land was proven in open court by John Underwood and Arthur Crozier. Order by the court that Phillip Severs be ______? of Bade instead of Henry Harmer. (should be Farmer)

1804, March 26, Robert born in Andersonville, TN

***Between 1801-1809 Phillip Sevrs listed in Name Index for Anderson Co TN Court Records
1809 Joseph born in Anderson County, TN
1810 Reconstructed Census (by Charles A Sherrill)
Philip Seavers Anderson Co Court Minutes 1811:Source #8, p.467

***1818, April 14, p.200, Joshua Duncan and Micajah Frost, Saml Seiber, John Hoskins, Phillip Seiber Senr, John Dunaven and John Lively, to view road from Thoms. Frost in Frosts Settlement on Frosts fork of Poplar Creek to intersect road down Powels Valley at John Dunavans or John Hoskins.

***1825 Philip was issued a land grant in Anderson Co TN for 12 acres. East Dist, Book 10, P252, No. 10184

1830 CENSUS, Anderson TN, R175, B1, P187a
Male 60/70, Male 20/30, Female 20/30, Female 50/60
{Philip 70, Mary 60, Joseph 19, Daughter 20/30)
Neighbors (Same Census Page):Wm Sharp (16 slaves), Micajah Reatherford, Luz Lutes, John Sharp, John Stanley, Arnold Herring, John Albright, John Loy (5 slaves), Joseph Reatherford, Benj Reatherford, Peter Cless, Isaac Robbins, Jot Stile, Nimrod Sebre 28, Robt G Linly, , Saml C Young, Wm McKamy (18 slaves), Saml Sebre, Joseph Bunch, Joseph Laughery, Em Carroll, Loyd Reatherford, Henry Long, John Rhea, John Edmonson

***Anderson Co TN Court Minutes
Monday, Jan 10, 1831, John Kieth, Moses Duncan, Samuel Seiber, Philip Seiber and John Seiber be jury to view and mark out the nearest and best way for a road from John Haskins to intersect the road leading from cave to Geo. Haskins and to the Cole bank of Oliver and Seiber and report to next term of court.
Pg. 97; Monday, July 9, 1832, the road heretofore established heading up the mountain fork of Poplar Creek from John Hoskins to Philip Sebers and Moses Duncan to Oliverís colebank, ordered Isaac Duncan be overseer and have following to work under him: Joseph Seiber, Robert Seiber, Benjamin Lively, Joseph Lively, George Rowland, John McKamey, John Kath, William Smith, Thomas Brown, Moses Brown, Moses Duncan, John Duncan, Samuel Seiber, John Kirnell, and Philip Seiber

***April 23, 1836 Grantee Deed Index, Anderson Co TN Philip Seiber (Grantee) Deed Gabriel Keigh (Grantor) J-1

***Anderson Co TN Court Minutes
Vol. 1/1831-5/1838 (FHL Film 979, 327)
P. 445 Monday,, Feb 6, 1837, Isaac Duncan, Philip Sieber Sr, John C. McKamy, Moses Duncan, John Seiber and PhilipDavis be jury of viewers to view and lay out a 2nd class road to start at house of John Shskins, up the mountain fork to house of John C. KcKamyís and report to next term.
P. 464 Monday, June 5, 1837, Isaac Duncan, Philip Sieber Sr, John C. McKamy, Moses Duncan, John Seiber and Philip Davis report that the old raod stay as is except a short distane at Cow Creek known as middle road; Nimrod Sieber sppointed overseer, have hands heretofore from the road.

***AC TN Tax Records, Dist 7 Philip Seiber
1837 40 acres, 150 School Land, 100 Value
1838 25 acres, 200 School Land, 100 Value
1838 15 acres, 50 value, 95 school land, 100 Value, 1 Poll
1839 25 acres, 200 value, 212 school land, 200 value

***Philip Seiber was issued a land grant 1839 Anderson Co Tn for 500 acres. East Dist, Book 23, P 280, NO 23142.

1840 Census, Anderson TN
Philip Seiber Male 20/29, Male 80/90 Female 60/70
(Philip 80, Mary 70, Joseph 29)

***AC TN Tax Records, Dist 7 Philip Seiber
1840 540 school land, 150 value, 1 value, poll
1841 25 acres, 200 value, 212 school land, 200value
1841 500 acres
1842 225 acres

***Sep 1844 Joseph Seiber granted land to Robert Seiber, Joseph Esterbrook, Phillip Seiber, Richard Andrews, and Daniel Stonecipher. He was granted land by Phillip Seiber
1844 (2 deeds) Phillip Seiber Grentee Deed James Dunan (Grantor) L-1 304 & 363
1845 Phillip Seiber Grantee Deed Andrew McKamey (Grantor) N-1 118 Feb 1845
July 1845 Phillip Seiber posted bond for Wilson Duncan (Unlawful gaming)
Mar 17, 1847, Phillip Seiber Grantee Deed Andrew McKamey Sr Grantor

***Prepared the following Will September 1833        *Probated in 1847
In the name of God, Amen. I, Phillip Seiber of the state of Tennessee and County of Anderson, Being in perfect health of body, of a perfect mind, and memory, thanks be to God Almighty to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and _____ my last will and testament. First of all, I give my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it to me. My body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial, and as touching worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, divide, and dispose of the same in the following manner. Wife first, I want all my just debts paid. Second, I give and bequeath to my beloved son, Frederick Seiber, this sum of one dollar, and thirdly, the balance of my sons and daughters I give and bequeath to each of them one dollar, and fourthly, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, wife Mary Seiber, all my personal and real estate during her widowhood or lifetime, and lastly, at her death my beloved son Joseph Seiber is to have all of my land and terrain and the balance of my property then to be divided equally among my children, Frederick Seiber's heirs. Excepted, I further constitute, make, and ordain Joseph Seiber Executor of this my last will and testament and do hereby utterly dismiss all and every other former testaments, wills bequeaths, and bequeathed. Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this the 11th day of September 1833
signed and sealed in the presence of us
Peter (mark) Johnson
David Key.
Phillip Seiber

1847 Philip Seiber's will probated *See Above 1833 (Samuel Seiber-guardian of settlement)

1850 CENSUS Anderson Co TN Subdiv 16, R869, P39
Mary Seiber 81, Joseph Seiber 45 --living with Joseph Lively 42, Mary Lively 27, Charlotte Lively 1 mo.

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